Wednesday, April 20, 2016

81, rue du College


Almost finished.... The house has now a roof and two chimneys. It was a bit time consuming to cut the slates from light cardboard and to glue them but it was worth it. I used my old technque for the chimneys.
When the temperature cools down a bit, I will paint the roof. Thailand is going through a heat wave and everyday the temperature is above 40 degree Celsius! Sometimes, 42, 43... needless to ssay I can't work outside as usual or paint. The paint dries too quickly so  I'll wait.

The weathering is done but not finished either.

I have started the interior with the Parlour or Salon in French. I had found a print on a flea market in France, I used Photoshop and created the wallpaper.
Of course, Fifi, the #4, wanted to have a nap inside the new building...

The paper looks quite nice. 

As I don't have much furniture I borrowed the furniture from the Villa to take some pictures.

The floor is made from simple pine flooring I get from minimumworld. Here is the link

I'd love to use Brodnax parquet but it's over my budget !Hopefully one day.... The problem is that in Thailand I can't find thin, plain strip of wood I could make a parquet with.

I framed some family portraits too. For once I hang them with strings on each side. It looks good.

and too more...

And one above the "semainier" high cabinet with drawers,

Now the Mansard roof and the two chimneys

Of course, the roof and the chimneys need to be weathered.

Now night can fall...


  1. It look gorgeous! And Fifi just fit right in nicely, :D

    1. Yes, Fifi (and the other 3 cats!) can't help visiting all my new projects as if I created them for the cats!

  2. Superbe maison! et le salon est élégamment décoré, ces lambris en trompe-l’œil sont très beaux.

    1. Merci Yosh. Si vous voulez le papier peint en trompe l'oeil, je le scanne et vous l'envoir par mail.

    2. Oh merci Patrick, ce serait formidable!

  3. Amazing house with many beautiful details.

  4. Thank you Janne, more pictures coming soon!

  5. Bonjour Patrick,

    C'est encore une superbe réalisation. J'aime beaucoup ce salon français très XIXème. Raffiné et élégant!

    Merci pour vos partages,


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  7. It's looking amazing Patrick. The views through the window at night are adorable - I really feel like I am in France at dusk, lights coming on inside the homes. So atmospheric. Looking forward to seeing how the roof and chimneys look after weathering. Do you just use card for the outside decoration too? It looks great.

  8. Très belle maison. Bon courage...avec la chaleur.

  9. Patrick, The parlor wall treatment is magnificent, and the portraits add just the right effect. You have created the perfect room for tea, and polite conversation!

  10. Has hecho un gran trabajo!!! la casa se ve impresionante,con la luz adecuada,los papeles del salón son muy adecuados al estilo,cada detalle destila elegancia,perfecto!!!!

  11. Magnifique travail intérieur comme extérieur. J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à observer chaque détail.
    Vous pouvez pas nous envoyer quelques degrés pour la Bretagne car on est le 21 avril et il fait toujours aussi froid..

  12. Beautiful! I learn so much from your skills and abilities. Especially your weathering techniques.

  13. Your work is Masterful! I think that your stonework on the exterior and the slate roof look Fabulous and I love your chimneys too! :D


  14. Tu travailles vite... Cette maison est vraiment superbe, je me dis que la maison de mon arrière grand-père ressemblait peut-être un peu à la tienne.
    Bon courage car travailler avec une telle chaleur ne doit pas être amusant.

  15. Yet an other masterpiece, Patrick! Your work is like magic and the house looks absolutely beautiful.

  16. Bonsoir Patrick,
    Ta maison est très belle. Son atmosphère est envoutante à souhait...

  17. Hello Patrick,
    It is such an amazing house. The exterior is so beautifully done and the interiors are exquisite. I am so impressed by your skills my friend.
    Big hug