Sunday, August 6, 2017

Latest additions to the Hotel Mame

Here are the latest additions to the Hotel Mame.
I started building it about 6 months ago and it's the first time I spend so much time on a project.

For the Salon, I chose to do Parquet Versailles. It is quite long to do as each square (5cm X 5cm) is composed of about 40 small pieces... I used walnut wood.

For the other rooms I did Point de Hongrie, which is easier to assemble...

The yellow room

It is not completely done but the picture will give you an idea. I managed to make curtains that looked natural ( I hope...) Sometimes I see great rooms but the curtains are too thick or too big and they spoil the effect. I must say little fabric is used to make real-looking curtains.

The billiard

I didn't know what to do with this room which only had bookcases and looked a bit empty, so I added a pool table and now I think it looks better.

I don't know how many books I made but it took me days, LOL! I am not ready to make a whole library!

The room of the five senses
Its name comes from the 5 panels I found on Internet. They are 
decorative panels called the "Les five senses" painted by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (1686-1755) 
Eighteenth century pastoral scene  representing trees and landscape as well as in the foreground characters, painted for the cabinet of the Queen Marie Leczinska in Versailles
I chose to paint the panels turtle dove grey. Now I need to do the parquet. I haven't decided yet if I'll make curtains or not. The other question is about the furniture, I borrowed the one you see from another house...

That will probably be another bedroom with grey furniture and parquet Versailles.
La salle a manger

I changed the table cloth, a long one looked better, I think.

As you will see on the picture below, each room is an individual box. A box within a box. I can move it in and out. It makes wiring very easy and I could imagine changing one room for another one, or add elements or paint it a different color.

 I connected the chandeliers and lamp to a box controlled by a remote.

 I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Hotel Mame. It's a big house. I tried to recreate the atmosphere of a French house built in the XVIIIth century.
I didn't fill the room with furniture. Maybe because I see too many rooms filled with furniture and an accumulation of objects isn't always successful. Or maybe it's just my style.....


  1. Ton travail m'émerveille toujours.

  2. Bonjour Patrick,
    C'est magnifique. Je suis incapable de choisir une pièce préférée. Vos parquet sont superbes et les pieces sont finies parfaitement. J'apprécie beaucoup votre souci du détail.
    A bientôt,

  3. This is Wonderful! I love the idea of inserting each room box where you want it. You have so many options. Your parquet flooring is Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. It is just beautiful. I love everything you have done. Your curtains are the most natural ones I have ever seen!

  5. Just lovely - every inch of it. The curtains are superb and I am a huge fan of 'little is more'when it comes to furnishing a room both in real life and in minis - I prefer space to clutter. Love other folks arty clutter rooms but can't make them myself. Marilyn

  6. Hi, sent you an email from the newsletter you sent. At first glance I just felt utterly depressed. How could I ever hope to build a house as beautiful? But as I keep looking I begin to feel better; excited. Your work is lovely and thanks for sharing your art with the world.

  7. Love, love, love and... Wow!!! Thank you for sharing this visual delight! Every detail a labor of love to be sure!

  8. Your Hotel Mame is the embodiment of restrained Elegance, and what a great idea to make each room entirely self-contained!
    Such beauty within each room (not to mention your fabulous parquet floors), has been well worth it!

  9. I Love this house! I think my favorite is the room of five senses....I love the paneling with the paintings! The method of making each room a box intrigues me.... it would have advantages while building, but does it make the house too fragile to move or add too much weight with all the extra walls? I guess it adds a layer of realism in the thickness of the walls that many dollhouses do not have. I think the "spare" and open look you have is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and I always look forward to seeing more!

  10. Un trabajo impresionante,cada habitación destila elegancia por todos los lados!!

  11. I really love Hotel Mame. The curtains you have made look verry realistic. May I ask what kind of fabric you used?The concept of the rooms being boxes within the frame of the house is a great idea. I will use this idea on my country seat Swinnendael which am going to build.

    Furthermore I really like the way you have furnished the rooms. Not cluttered with too much bits and pieces ike some interiors.

    Your work is a great inspiration. Thank you.

  12. Hello Patrick, Hotel Mame is a wonderful build! All the rooms are elegant and comfortably sized. Very beautiful. I am amazed that it only took you 6 months to build it. My house will probably take me 20 years ;-) I am building my house the same way, a series of separate boxes which can slide in and out of the frame. I find it is a lot easier to work with and yes, it makes wiring simpler too.
    Beautiful work Patrick!

  13. What a beautiful property you have created. I have enjoyed following it's creation very much. Do you have another in the pipeline?

  14. whaouuu ! les planchers sont magnifiques . le travail a du être très long . le résultat est très beau . j 'aimerais avoir le courage de me lancer dans un tel projet . j 'aime vraiment le bois que tu as utilisé , la couleur est parfaite .

  15. I really like this project! The attic windows are beautiful, and I think it's a good idea to build rooms as boxes in boxes. I should have thought about it when I built my Dolls House!
    I also think the rooms too full are stuffy and unrealistic.
    Thanks for adding the "translate" button to the blog, it is very convenient!

  16. Superbe travail pour les parquets! Chaque pièce de l'hôtel est un enchantement! Tentures, boiseries, j'aime tout! Un grand bravo!

  17. Hello Patrick, I am very VERY new to this wonderful world of miniature and have just stumbled upon your blog.. reading it backwards (still back in 2013) and enjoying every bit of it. I am particularly loving how you find solutions to make everything from scratch. Like you, I live in a different country to where I grew up and want to build a shop-house in the style of the old houses & shops that I remember and can relate to in pictures and films. This is so, so inspiring. Thank you.

  18. an impressive work, each room exudes elegance on all sides !!

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