Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Interior of l'Hotel Mame

Hello and sorry for not having posted anything for a long time. My job at the university kept me quite busy and I didn't have much to show you. Nothing was really worth showing but still "under construction".

Do you remember my last project? An elegant XVIIIth French "hotel particulier" ( private home, I guess).

I first looked for ideas to decorate the inside as I haven't had a chance to visit the interior of the real house in Tours, my hometown.
Then I started with the hallway. Stonewalls, called "tuffeau" in French, a white chalky stone and tiles from Henry Bart. It looks like and feels like real tiles. Beautiful and you can add bee wax when the grouting has been done. Love it!
I often find there is too much furniture in some rooms I see on the Internet. I like large empty spaces. So only two French chairs, a mirror and a console created by Alison Davies. So pretty! I covered the chairs with taffetas from Les Chinoiseries
I added windows and door at the back of each room and it brings a lot of light in and it's easier to take interesting photos.

On the left is the dining room. Here again I used Henry Bart's tiles and I did the wall panels with tiny (1 1/2mm) half round mouldings. Creating the curtains was another challenge as I am not good at it but I think in the end, they look good. I built a box to hide the top of the curtains. I had Bespaq chairs but I had to change the fabric to match the grey walls. Not too much furniture. Homemade table. The plates are from Kyd ceramics in Bangkok. Not too much on the walls, just two large frames and garden urns at the back I found on Ebay. They lool made for that room.

The glasses come from Winesiam in Bangkok too. Winesiam's owner, P'Nok, will present her family's creations at the SIMP in Paris on June 26. She'll have glasses and other amazing items for sale.

On the right handside is the salon. I made about 500 litle books to fill in the shelves. Furniture by Alison Davies and fabric from Les Chinoiseries. As the room is quite big, there was an empty space at the back so I had the idea to built a music instrument called une "epinette" in French. It's a cousin of the 'clavecin" but smaller. I printed the painting and pasted it on the cover. The harpsicord itself is made from Forex which I always use for houses and decorations. The cornice was made by Sue Cooks. The window at the back gives a lot of light too. I haven't made the floor yet but I'm planning to create "du Parquet Versailles"

The first picture before I added the harpsicord

and a day later... :) This is just a prototype. I will build another one this week but I needed to see how it was made first.

A view from another angle...

Now the ground floor is almost done, I have to start working on the first floor, two berdooms and a library. More books to make, LOL
That's all for now. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my last project. 
All the best,


  1. It looks absolutely wonderful!

  2. Bellissimo! All these three rooms are spectacular and I agree less is better ;)

  3. patrick, this looks - once again - absolutely real! and I love that you keep your rooms uncluttered ;-) right down my alley ...
    pity that I cannot come to simp - would have loved to buy some of winesiams glasses. they have an unsurpassed quality. if you ever see a colored (green, red or so) ashtray - could you please secure a couple for me?
    hugs from switzerland.

  4. its just lovely! Im so in love with the furniture and the glasses so cute :)

    I hope to see more soon

    Marisa :)

  5. It's looking amazing Patrick. All those books! They look great, and very much like real old books. It is grand, but it also looks quite 'lived in' and homely. Perfect!

  6. Bonjour Patrick,

    C'est magnifique! Beaucoup de charme à la Française dans le Rez de chaussée de cet hôtel particulier. Viendrez vous au SIMP?

    A bientôt,


  7. Très beau travail un régal pour les yeux.

  8. This is beautiful Patrick - very classy and I love Alison Davies' furniture too (hoping to buy more on my trip to Kensington Fair). I'm intrigued as to how you get the tablecloth to sit so perfectly - loads of starch?

  9. Thank you for sharing your work. This house is beautiful! The books are so well done, Too! They look real. A lovely Project!
    Thank you,

  10. C'est simplement magnifique et difficile de croire que c'est de la miniature. Merci pour les liens!

  11. Just beautiful so calm and so French - elegant but still a home and welcoming. I 'know' Tours a little as we once had a house near Chatillion sur Indre. I too like under-furnished spaces in real life and mini - like to be able to breath! Your work is perfection. Bravo. Marilyn

  12. Magnificent!!!! It looks so real :o)

    Hugs from Austria

  13. All three of your rooms display an under-stated Sophistication and natural Elegance for which the French are World Famous for-
    Simply Marvelous work Patrick! :D


  14. Oh, what Stunning rooms! It is hard to believe they are miniature! Wonderful work! I wish I lived here....! Lol!

  15. Très beau décor, l'ensemble est très bien composé, couleurs, meubles et tableaux se marient à merveille! J'adore la verrerie aussi!

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    1. Thank you. I have just added the badge to my blog :)

  17. Congrats, Patrick. quel honeur... :-)

  18. Are you freaking kidding me? This is the most spectacular thing I've seen in ages. I want to make this!!!! Instead as I'm (compared to you) virtually skill-less, I'll settle for sad.

  19. l'ensemble est très bien composé, couleurs, meubles et tableaux se marient à merveille! J'adore la verrerie aussi!

    แตกใน xxx

  20. ho j 'adore ! c'est agréable de revoir les pièces une à une . tout est délicat et si parfait . c'est magnifique ! il y a encore de la place pour mettre encore de jolies choses !

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