Sunday, January 19, 2020

Latest news and recent projects

Hello from France

You may wonder why I have been so quiet lately and why I am writing from France.
No, I didn't give up building miniature projects but sometimes in life, there are priorities...

So, briefly, as I am not keen on talking about health issues, here is what happened: In June 2019, after a scanner in Thailand I was diagnosed with a lymphoma B at stage 1, it means cancer. I decided to go home as the language barrier and the cost in Thailand scared me.
So I flew home, consulted the oncologist and started chemotherapy on cancer located in the bowel and the bladder. After 2 chemo sessions, things got worse and I had to stop the chemo to undergo surgery to remove a part of the bowel and a part of the bladder. The surgery went well but I stayed for 1 month in the hospital.
I am now waiting for the next chemo session on Monday and the last one in February. If things go well, I hope I will be back home in late February or early March.

In August, while I was here, our mother got a brain hemorrhage and passed away a month later, she was 85.

Now, I couldn't stay for days doing nothing, or just reading and watching TV. Building houses wasn't possible and as I have always loved carriages, I looked for photos of carriages on the Internet and started building a coach in 1/12 scale called a park drag.

Here it is:

And then I got 4 grey horses from Breyer and started to make harnesses.

When the red coach was done, I started to build a similar one, a bit bigger with a different color, based on this real coach:

 I've asked Julie Campbell from England who makes amazing dolls to create 5 "little people" who will sit on the seats on the roof, the coachman and 4 passengers.
I met Julie at Kensington Dollhouse Festival in November and she has agreed to work with me.
The idea is to create a scene with a carriage, 4 horses and 5 passengers to look like a scene by Cecil Aldin, one of my favorite British artists for animals

I had already built smaller carraiages, a buggy and a dog cart,

But these two were a new challenge for me.

If you want to add a carriage to your house, I'd be happy to build the model of your choice if you give me a photo or an idea of the carriage you want.

I'll be delighted to read your comments if you feel like leaving one.
Bye for now and wish me luck for the last chemo sessions.... :)


  1. Dear Patrick I'm so very sorry to hear of your troubles and the sad passing of your mother. Sending hugs and best wishes for you from Australia. Your art as ever is superb!

  2. Patrick, I am very distressed to hear of the health problems you've been having, and also your loss of your mother. Your art brings great joy to so many. I love these horses and carriages. Wishing you much strength to move forward from difficult times, from New York. @}->--

  3. Dear Patrick, I hope you will get better soon and that the loss of your mother will decrease over time. Good to see that you can do some miniature after all. Hugs from Denmark

  4. Patrick, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. You have my deepest sympathies. I am also sorry to hear of your health problems. I am glad you sought treatment in France. My best wishes for your complete recovery.
    Your carriages are magnificent! Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Catherine XXX

  5. Meilleurs voeux de rétablissement et ces roulottes sont magnifiques

  6. Lamento muchísimo tus problemas de salud!Patrick,desde aquí te deseo que todo vaya bien y que el tratamiento no te cause ningún problema,todos mis pensamientos positivos están contigo!!
    Me encantan tus carruajes,son magníficos,impresionante tu trabajo!!

  7. Dear Patrick
    I wish you full recovery as soon as possible. Sad about your mother, may she rest in peace.
    Continuing with your marvelous plans and work is the best therapy. I already love this stunning coach project.

  8. Dear Patrick, I'm sorry for your loss and for all your healthtroubles, I send you my best wishes for your recovery. I looks like good therapy in your recent work, excellent as always. I'm looking forward to see what you will be up to next, you are a true inspiration in my own small work with miniatures.
    Kind regards/
    Anna-Karin, Sweden

  9. Wishing you all the best of health and recovery!
    The carriages are outstanding!
    Best Regards

  10. 2019 avec ses douleurs et ses difficultés est derrière toi, je souhaite que 2020 sera plus douce. Bon courage pour ton traitement et un rétablissement rapide avec un retour à ta vie normale.
    Ton travail est magnifique, tes voitures sont parfaites. J'attends de voir les poupées de Julie Campbell, j'admire beaucoup son travail.

  11. Patrick 2019 was a year filled with many challenges for so many to face and it seems like you had a massive portion of your own. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother and I am sure you miss her very much. The cancer is as frightening a challenge as there is to face and I am sending prayers that your chemo does it's job and leaves you feeling well. It is so good to keep ourselves focused on positive things while we wrestle with life's threats, and you have turned strife into art with your carriages! They are beautiful!

  12. Patrick, It is sad to hear about your fight with cancer, and to hear that your mother passed away. Tough stuff. I wish you courage and a full recovery!


    The carriages are stunning. I am glad that you find solace or at least a way to keep yourself busy. These things Always help to stay on top of things.

  13. Tragedy often comes in 3's doesn't it?
    Your original diagnosis was no doubt a BIG surprise but I think that you made the right call about returning to France, which gave you time to be with your mother although I am Very Sorry that she has since passed.
    So Very distressing for you and your family especially at a time when you yourself are undergoing so much physical and emotional stress; struggling to regain your own health.
    I shall keep the success of your chemo treatment in my prayers Patrick, along with your complete recovery.
    Meanwhile, it seems that building complex carriage as your personal mode of therapy, has proved to be an Excellent choice, so keep up your Fantastic work- and Please Get Better Soon!


  14. Surgery and Chemo and any ongoing treatment is such a very big fight and takes a lot of endurance and sheer willpower to keep going forward, especially when you also have to conquer the fear and the feeling that life will never be normal again. It isn't trite to say that in many ways it won't BUT it will be your new life and you will astonish yourself when one day you suddenly realise you just felt 'ordinary' that day. It will come.... keep your eye on the prize.
    Meanwhile create many beautiful things as you are doing. The act of doing this takes you to another place away from any aches and pains and having something truly lovely to look at afterwards is so rewarding.
    Julie's little people will be glorious - she is my favourite little people maker here in the UK. So looking forward to seeing them sitting smugly (or fearfully) on top of their beautiful carriage.
    Many, many good wishes for lots of positives on your journey. Marilyn

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother and your diagnosis. Hope 2020 brings you some peace and good news about your health.
    The carriages are magnificent.