Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The omnibus

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all well at home in your different countries. My thoughts go to my American friends who are in a very difficult situation. I just read an American couple who loved and collected miniatures for years had both passed away from Covid 19. May they rest in peace with all the other victims of this outbreak.

I have almost finished the omnibus. I'm waiting for the door handle to put at the back and for locks for the suitcases. They come from Spain but International mail is very slow.

Here are the latest photos of the omnibus. It is pulled by one horse only as I guess it was not a very heavy vehicle. It allowed 4 people to go from one place to the other on short distances.

I will add more luggage or bags on the roof.

I have no idea what the next carriage is going to be...

Stay safe at home and talk to you soon...
All the best


  1. Your craftsmanship is SUPERB Patrick on both the carriage itself as well as the horse and harnesses. Love the luggage on the roof and the whip at the ready, but the horse looks very well cared for so business for the owner, must be brisk!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, yers , I agree, that horse looks ready to go
      ! Too bad Breyer in 1/12 has a limited selection of horses. I'd like to do some heavier horses and I have to change the head's attitude with a heatgun otherwise they'd look all the same and I repaint some details too.. :)

  2. You have done it yet again Patrick. I am as always in awe of your delicate details you manage to apply to your minis.
    Keep well,

  3. Hello Patrick. The omnibus has turend out wonderful, just like your other carriages. It is lovely to see that your eye for detail and your restraint for not adding to much decorations aplies both for your houses and your carriages.

    You want an idea for another model? Well, summer is slowly aproaching. Why not a model that is equiped for leasurely driving through shady parks on sunlight summerdays. One of my favorite models is the Caleche. Just as an inspiration, the following link shows you one that is owned by the Dutch royal family:


  4. Ton travail est toujours si parfait et incroyable, j'admire.
    Prends bien soin de toi!

  5. non , non !! je suis pas d'accord ! :))) il faut houiller les essieux .. encrasser l 'intérieur des roues ! c'est une réussite , le model est magnifique . tu ne peux pas t 'arrêter juste là !
    c' est super frustrant . en tout cas bravo , j 'adore celui ci . et j 'ai hate de le voir fini avec tous ses bagages .

    1. j 'ai voulu ecrire j 'espere le voir fini avec ses bagages :)) et le prochain ????

    2. J'ai presque fini les bagages mais je n'ai pas encore recu les fermoirs d'Espagne de chez Enrique

  6. The ombibus is beautiful and the horse is gorgeous!
    Hugs, Drpra

  7. Just perfect, i can almost smell the leather

  8. Ah,wish I could jump on board and go for a ride on that omnibus, Patrick. It looks very inviting. We're fine so far here in South Africa during the pandemic, with the worst days still to come but I have lots of supplies and projects to keep me going. The thing to do is to stay in place and be patient. We miniaturists have no problem with instrucitons like that ;-)

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  10. i like it but i feel sorry for the horse having to pull such a load. I think the corona virus is over here theyre rioting like crazy