Sunday, July 12, 2020

A project for two

As a regular visitor to Kensington Dollhouse festival once a year in London, I have always admired British artist Julie Campbell's creations. Don't miss her blog, you'll discover amazing dolls in 1/12  
Last year, I asked Julie if she would create little people to add to my park drag and she enthusiastically said yes. 
During the early months of 2010 and during lockdown, Julie and I have often discussed our common projects: I would create the vehicle and Julie would create the characters. We had in mind a picture by Cecil Aldin, a winter scene of a mail coach with passengers and we quickly agreed on what kind of characters we wanted, a combination of Charles Dickens's and Cecil Aldin's.

For the coach, I had in mind a coach I had seen in a great French blog about driving horses. You can visit here  if you are interested in all aspects of traditional driving

After designing, building and painting the coach,

 I made the harnesses for 4 grey horses.

 Then Julie's dolls arrived. There are more than dolls, they are little people, each with his or her own expressions. Look at that old woman who can sleep in spite of the cold weather and the bad road! Let's hope she won't fall from the roof of the coach!

And the little smile of her travelling companion .....

All the details in the clothes are amazing. Just look at the bonnet and the mittens!

Then the coach man. You can't ignore that only a little a bit of brandy can protect him from getting a cold. 

That must have been a great experience to travel on a coach for hours, rain or shine... or snow and hail!

When they stop at a small inn, 2 more passengers join them.

 A younger couple, very smart! Probably just married? She looks shy and her cheeks are red from cold. Her companion has a lovely small moustache that gives him an aristocratic look! Look at the details of the costumes!

Now they are ready to go... ! 
You can imagine the other passengers inside the coach, protected from the cold and the hazzards of the road!

How do you like it? Feel free to leave your comments below :)

Thanks Julie for making that 'crazy"project come true !

Visit the KDF Online show from July 17th to July 19th, 2020  to see Julie's latest creations and creations of other wonderful artists. Here is the link below:

That's all for now. Bye !

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  1. Quelle belle collaboration !!! J'ai toujours admiré les poupées de Julie Campbell et celles qu'elle a faites pour toi sont parfaites.Les détails sont incroyables.

  2. Hello Patrick,

    The marvelous dolls of Julie really complements your fine coach. It is great to see how much charactere is put into the faces. Real yop notch. And that poor driver. I do not begrudge him the little barrel of brandy under his cloak. He needs something to stay warm!

    I am curious about the KDF online show. only a few more days to wait.


  3. Wonderful, wonderful in every way from its conception to its finish. I too am a huge fan of julie's little people - they seem to have their own complete story built in. They are matched by the most fabulous coach and horses. Smell that leather and horse sweat. Not sure any 21st century human would enjoy that trip.

  4. Incredible work Patrick! It is so lovely to see such an amazing dream come true for such a talented artist, but when two combine their powers it is magical! I love the scenes you've set up and it was fun to pour over every detail!

  5. C'est une vraie merveille! They are certainly not little dolls, she has captured the real spirit of the project, as have you. I am not a fan of dolls as a general rule, but this project certainly makes me think again... thank you!

  6. Maravilloso trabajo conjunto, realmente me deja sin palabras para expresar mi admiracion

  7. What a truly impressive piece your coach and four is. It truly is a miniature masterpiece. Julie's little people really tell their own individual story and together the whole thing is just lovely.

  8. Your carriages are just amazing! And the "people" riding in them are so life-like they are just wonderful! What a great project!

  9. Dear M Duclou,
    I've been a silent admirer of your work for many years. I discovered your blog when building my own miniatures was just a dream.
    Now due to the pandemic and being laid off temporally, I had for the first time in years, time to really start this long cherished passion of mine. And while doing so - paticulary researching a specific scenic wallpaper from "Les Chinoiserie" - I rediscovered your blog. During the last couple of month your work has been a tremendous inspiration, I can't thank you enough for this. I hope that you are safe in France with your family during this uncertain times and may someday return back to Thailand to your home, cats and miniature projects.
    In the meantime I'm glad that you still keep pouring your incredible talent into more astonishing and beautiful miniatures and share them with us.

    Kind regards from a beginners miniaturist from Germany