Monday, December 24, 2012

I have started the second part of my project, another building, quite similar that will be on the left of the first one. I have used the same structure for the shop but it has smaller windows and a double door, much bigger. Upstairs will be a bedroom. I have already chosen the wallpaper and the fabric, one of the beautiful toiles de Jouy of Catherine Ferouelle ( Visit her shop:
you'll love it if you like French fabric)
The roof will be different too. I'll try to do a Mansard roof.
Downstairs, I am not sure yet but I am thinking of a 'blanchisserie' ( a laundry?) where people used to bring bedsheet, tablecloths, etc to be washed and ironed. I want to do something a bit different from the other shops. I am not sure about the choice, let's say 60% sure...LOL), if not a modist shop (hatmaker?)

On the next picture, I've applied the first layer, some kind of greyish tone and I have started applying thin layers of water with a little black painting to give more depth to the moldings.
On the right side, you can see the difference. These layers will give life to the facade.
I had to go quickly as when it dries, the color may change from one side to the other.
I used a sponge to remove the water and only leave the pigments.

Now both sides are finished. The next step will be to do the same with the doors and then I will remove the tapes that protect the glass. At that moment only, I will know how the shop will look like.

Tomorrow is Christmas and all the people who live far away from their parents and siblings, as I do, know how difficult this period of Christmas is. I am painting my facade while listening to some Christmas music.

Happy Christmas to everyone who reads my blog. 
Bon Noel a toutes et a tous!


  1. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Hope you won't be too lonely this Christmas! I love your work!

  2. I really like the way the colour washes are building up the layered effect. I'm sure that whatever you decide on for the shop it'll be really interesting.

    When I get back from our trip to New Zealand I'll probably be ordering some papers/fabrics from the Etsy shop you mentioned, thanks for the tip-off! :)