Monday, November 4, 2013

I am sorry I haven't posted anything for a while but I have been quite busy lately. However, I managed to work a little bit on my different miniature projects.
The funeral shop, " les pompes funebres",  is almost finished. The roof has been painted and aged and I made a small "oeil de boeuf" to break the monotony of the roof. The chimney is finished but not painted yet.

       This time, I followed another blogger/miniaturist's advice, that is, I pasted the wall paper on a piece of cardboard the size of the wall then, slid the panel inside the box. It makes wall papering easier to do. I did the same with the ceiling.  As I don't like the "box" feeling, I made a door from scratch (it doesn't open) and added a partition in the room. It gives more depth to the scene. There's a light behind, a small sconce on the wall behind the door.
I made a few flower wreaths for the shop and added them on the partition. On the picture you can see how the different panels slide into the box.
I made a few more wreaths and their stands for the shop.That was fun to do.

Now it starts to look like a funeral shop. I will added a few other religious items when I find them.I have already discovered some crosses from rosaries on ebay and I am waiting for them.
I also need some tools to put in the box as the coffin isn't finished yet.Maybe a hammer, some wood scissors.....

and now the same picture in black and white
I found this interesting commercial and it's now in the shop window.
On the first floor is a dining room, nothing grand but just elegant (I hope) I used the same technique and added two windows at the back.
The three panels can slide in and out. The same thing for the floor.

Now the floor! Once again I used the ice cream sticks to make the flooring but I tried the "Point de Hongrie" design. That was tough as the sticks were different width! Don't try it! LOL

but the tool, that I discovered in Murielisa's blog (Merci Murielle )) is just fantastic. A "must have"  for all of you. I got mine on ebay. It's sold in the US. (I need blades, who could send me some? I can pay with Paypal)
Then, this is the 1st impession I got when I put all the pieces together and added the table, a few chairs.
The fireplace is still missing. And a pair of curtains. Some hunting prints in frames on the wall.And, and,and....
Now the house is almost done and it looks like this..
The frames around the door is still missing and the ceiling is not attached to the cornice yet. These are the last things I'll do.

I have discovered a small shop in Bangkok, where the sell the finest glasses and glass items in 1/12 I have ever seen. About 10 people work in that factory. They are really amazing.

I was really happy to share these few pictures with you and to tell you about the last impovements in my projects in 1/12. I also love reading your blogs. All the best to all of you! Cheers


  1. Comme toujours vos réalisations sont superbes, particulièrement les couronnes de fleurs. Un vrai régal pour les yeux.

  2. I really like your funeral home, I hope you get to finish it soon.

  3. Bah ce n'est pas bien gaie ! Il ne manque plus qu'un squelette dans le placard .

  4. Does the glass ware company have any way to order?

    1. They only sell in their small shop. I asked them if they have a website, they don't.
      So if you want something you've seen in my pictures. I can go there, buy it for you and send it by post. You can reimburse me with paypal.
      If you want something special, let me know and I can check if they have something that matches your description.
      Glasses are about 3 euros each, carafes are 10. Everything's handmade.

  5. I love the funeral parlor! Your flower arrangements look fantastic. The whole house is really coming together. Isn't it easier to work on flat panels? I can't believe the quality of the glassware you found.

  6. Bonjour Patrick,
    Super sympa l'avancée de ta boutique, mais c'est triste....
    J'adore la verrerie. Comme tout est fin!!

  7. Je connaissais cette technique mais je ne l'ai jamais utilisée . Je suis ravie de voire que cela fonctionne parfaitement . Je trouve très originale l'idée de la boutique . Mais pourquoi cette idée ? Est ce qu' elle sera plus remplie de fleurs ou de pierres tombales ? Nous avons trouvé un marteau à Philadelphie . un , pas deux , je n'aurais jamais pensé que c'était un objet rare . Comme quoi ! Bonne continuation pour la suite .
    A bientôt

    1. Je ne suis pas un amateur de films de vampires ou d'histoires de revenants, c'est juste que j'ai pense qu'on voyait assez peu de boutiques de pompes funebres en 1/12 alors je me suis dit que je pouvais essayer d'en faire quelque chose d'interessant avec des couronnes de fleurs et des crucifix (j'attends une 10zaine de croix de chapelet que j'ai trouve sur ebay, LOL) Et puis, ce cercueil en bois tout simple, qui n'est pas encore fini, n'apporte pas un cote morbide a la scene. En plus comme souvent dans mes projets, quand on ouvre la porte, une suave odeur de roses (un pot pourri dissimule derriere la cloison du fond) vient vous surprendre, comme cette odeur qui vous entoure quand on rentre chez un fleuriste....La blanchisserie elle sent la lessive et le savon de Marseille quand on ouvre la porte .....

  8. Les pompes funèbres sont très réussies et au moins une idée originale. Cela m'a fait repenser à la série "Six feet under" que j'aimais beaucoup. Les couronnes et arrangements floraux sont superbes.
    La verrerie est sensationnelle.

    1. Bonjour Genevieve, c'est vrai, j'ai un peu pense a cette famille Americaine qui vivait au dessus de la piece ou ils preparaient les corps. Mais cette maison n'avait rien de morbide, right? Oui, je me suis bien amuse a faire les couronnes mortuaires.
      Les verres sont superbes, si fins et pourtant si petits

  9. Hello Patrick! I must say that the funeral parlor is a Very interesting choice to make in mini but you have done a Splendid job with it so far! It is a perfect showcase for your floral arrangements and the black and white picture looks totally believable. I have heard mixed reviews about the wood cutter tool so I am happy to learn that it gets a Thumbs Up from you. Your floor looks really Wonderful!!! The glassware is such an Amazing Find and so close to home and the glass items are as you say, 'the finest' and with so much clarity, WoW! how happy you must be !!! :D
    thanks for sharing and it is a Pleasure to hear from you on the blog once again.


  10. Hi Patrick! I could repeat Elizabeth S's thought exactly, unusual choice, but indeed well done! Very beautiful. And about the glassware, it's absolutely fantastic! Wish I were in Bangkok!