Sunday, April 20, 2014

The curtains

Bonjour! Happy Easter!
I finally received the fabric from Catherine ( have a look at her shop on Etsy). She has made it especially for me and offered it to me. So nice from her. Thank you, Catherine!
I made the curtains with the pleater from Anne Ruff. I only pleated the head of the curtains and did the rest by hand.

You know how difficult it is to get the right curtains. It often drives me nuts as I am never happy with the result, just because real curtains "fall" well because of their weight but small pieces of fabric weigh nothing and this fabric can't be humidified. It was tricky but the result looks okay  think. I will improve it, I know. I must give these curtains a break and check later, LOL

Tea's ready by the fireplace...

There's a peaceful atmosphere in this room. I don't think I will add more furniture or objects

With the other piece of fabric Catherine printed for me, I made a screen. Maybe to hide the bath tub as baths were taken in the bedroom itself.

I have also worked on the dining room. I found some paintings on Internet. I printed them and added them above the doors. I will finish the 3 other doors this week and hopefully will receive the plaster decorations too.

( I know, I need to paint the ceiling with mate white but I am still waiting for the mouldings  and the ceiling shines terribly on the pictures)

There is still a lot to do in this room but it's going well.
the table has been laid for two..

Ready for "un dîner en tête à tête''?

If you like the paintings above the door, here they are....

and the second one....

Aren't they beautiful? I printed them on beige paper and glued them above the door.

I have just added new miniature bronzes in my Etsy shop. They're amazing come and have a look! 

That's all for today. I hope you have enjoyed following my work. Have a busy and creative week.


  1. Happy Easter to you too, Patrick! Your rooms, the curtains and all look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on a good work! Looking at your work makes mine look so modest, but I'm happy for you. We all make what we can! Take good care of yourself!

    1. Thank you Anna, it's always great to hear from other miniaturits. At least for me, it gives me energy and strength when I am stuck with a problem.

  2. Bonjour,
    je suis votre travail avec intérêt et je laisse de temps à autres un message. J'ai même posé une question (comme vous nous le proposiez) dans le post "la salle à manger" mais j'attends toujours la réponse ;-) J'aime aussi le côté paisible de la chambre et la lumière venant du soleil (on dirait un soleil couchant) est absolument magique.

    1. Bonjour Jean Claude, Merci de votre message. J'avais bien vu la question mais tout va trop vite et j'ai oublie d'y repondre. Desole.
      Donc pour toutes les moulures droites, j'utilise une sorte de ciseaux trouve sur ebay qui portent le nom de Easy Cutter Ultimate qui permet de faire des coupes propres avec different angles.
      Pour les moulures arrondies, j'ai fait un croquis sur l'ordinateur des deux "niveaux:, puis j'ai fait couper au laser du plexi transparent de 1 mn d'epaisseur. Ensuite j'ai colle les 2 decoupes l'une sur l'autre. Pour la decoupe au laser, c'est un ami qui vit aux US qui s'en est charge mais on doit trouver en France aussi. Pour les moulures arrondies, il faut vraiment du "sur mesure". On les voit bien sur la porte du fond a gauche dans la salle a manger.Bonne semaine.

    2. Merci pour la réponse. Je ne connais pas ce genre d'outils, cela semble intéressant! Idem pour la découpe au laser, je vais me renseigner.

  3. J'aime la sobriété et en effet trop d'objets ne sont pas nécessaire .J'aime beaucoup la mise en valeur de tes scènes par des grands cadres , cela rend super .
    Pour les visites anonymes c'est le principe du blog , les gens passent et ne laissent pas de com , sinon il faut que tu sois sur un forum .
    Entre nous , tu n'as jamais laissé un com sur le mien HA...HA....

    1. Comme JC en haut répond aux questions sinon les gens se lassent .

    2. Bonjour Catherine, J'ignorais la difference entre 'blog" et "forum". Maintenant, je sais! :) (Je ne suis pas trop familier avec cette terminologie.) J'avais oublie de repondre a la question de Jean Claude,ca m'etait sorti de la tete. C'est fait maintenant. Je penserai a laisser plus de commentaires, moi aussi, sur les blogs des autres et non pas les lire et passer au suivant. Bonne semaine.

  4. Hi Patrick. My name is Sharee and I live in New Zealand. That room is indeed very peaceful and your work is beautifully detailed.

  5. Hi Sharee, I have just discovered your blog and as I was looking for an idea to do a fire screen, your tutorial will be very helpful. Thanks

  6. Wow! Everything is so beautiful and perfect! What a wonderful job!

    1. Thank you Eliana :) I'll post more pictures soon.

  7. I just love these two rooms. I think making room boxes is great, because you can see your vision come to life sooner (than with a whole house) you don't have the issues of space, AND you van move on to exploring new styles or ideas quickly. Great job!

  8. I love both rooms Patrick! The style is right up my street and along the lines of what I am working on for two rooms in my dolls house.
    The curtains look good and I agree with you the room doesn't need any more furniture, it is just right.

  9. So beautiful Patrick and truly inspiring. Everything is so perfect and I love that they are two separate rooms and you're so right about space, especially in 1:12 scale. It runs out fast :-) Your curtains turned out great and hang nicely.


  10. Wow I just love your rooms, particularly the bed, I would love one like that in RL. And thank you for showing the old paintings in detail they are fabulous.

  11. Bonjour Patrick
    J'aime toujours autant ton travail (désolé je tutoie assez facilement). J'aime le côté simple, trop d'objet tue l'objet. J'ai été voir les différents tissus de Catherine, ils sont très beau.

  12. Thank you everyone, all your comments really touch me and make my day!

    Merci a toutes et a tous pour vos commentaires qui m'aident souvent a avancer, meme si je travaille vite....!

  13. What wonderful work! You are so talented...Congratulations on a job well done.


  14. Comme tout cela est beau. J'adore vos pièces. Les tableaux de la salle à manger sont superbes.

  15. Hello Patrick,
    The curtains look very good in the pictures. I too have made a few and agree that they never look quite perfect. That being said in these pictures they look just right. The pattern is lovely. Great choice. the pictures in this post honestly look like real life rooms in a magazine. You did an incredible job my friend and I am very impressed by the quality and the amazing style of your work. Again, bravo!
    Big hug,