Sunday, May 4, 2014

The "Antiquaire"

Hello and sorry for not posting much recently but I have had a bad sinusitis that kept me away from the computer...

But I have something to share with you...

I had my first order for a roombox. It is based on the same principle as the other ones, a box within a box. The aim is to display a collection of silver items that have been patiently waiting for a display.

As usual, I started with a quick blue print on my board and I started cutting the areas for the display units. There'll be a niche betwen two display units.

Then you can see on the next picture different steps. I used LEDs connected to a 12V. battery. The shelves are made of acrylic.

I printed nice antique panels to add above the display units. Display units are 1 inch deep. The layout is the same as the dining room I did before. I chose grey because I think silver will look good with that background and I wanted to give the feeling of an Antique shop that could be somewhere in Paris.

 I suggested the person who commissioned this work to look for modern and design furniture to add to the shop. We can also imagine some paintings on easels and some beautiful pieces of china there as well.

The doors at the back are modern.  It's a contemporary boutique.

In the niche will be an important silver piece made by Peter Acquisto. 

Now the floor. I have chosen white and black tiles, 1 inch X 1 inch. I painted them on acrylic board. I also made two columns to add on each side of the double display units at the back. It looked a bit empty. My marble technique is a bit pale but often in miniatures, marble looks too "veined" (?,  what's the word in English?)

The miniature bronze on the shelves are mine. I  find them at flea markets here, they are amulets.

 Now the floor is ready...

Tomorrow I plan to build the right side of the shop.

As the shop has the same measurements than the dining room, it's easy to change the walls in the box and get a new scene... That could be an idea; to create different "decors" that would all fit into the same box. These panels are quite thin and easy to store without being damaged. Then, people could have a scene for a while and then change for another one.

And before I finish this post, a few pictures of the dining room which is almost finished... The black box on the left is a mini 12 V battery charger. No need to connect to the main supply and it's enough to lit the room for about a month.

Remember, nothing is finished, we are half way through. I think I'll need another 50 hrs to complete this project. Does 100 hrs seem a lot for you?

Special picture for Jean Marc: the Ultimate Easy Cutter that I use to cut mouldings  at different angles, to be found on Ebay. Hope that helps...
 (et c'est super pratique!)

 Since it's Sunday... Have a great week!


  1. Una tienda exquisita!!!!! Elegante,fina y preciosa!!!!

  2. Greetings From Turkey! Thank you very much for your great tutorials.I would like tell you " ellerine sağlık " a proverb in Turkish means " wish health to your hands ". See you again...My blog is

    1. Thanks Gulay. You're most welcome to my blog where I try to share my new hobby.

  3. j'aime beaucoup la couleur grise sobre qui permet de mettre en valeur les objets exposés.

    1. Bonjour Catherine, Oui, j'ai choisi une couleur qui devrait bien mettre en valeur la superbe collection d'argenterie de la personne qui m'a commande cette boutique. J'ai essaye de melanger un style classique avec une boutique actuelle. Ca a bien avance aujourd'hui bien que je n'aime pas faire de la soudure...

  4. Hello Patrick, great scene. It already looks amazing and it isn't even finished yet. I like your idea of the changing walls/decors.
    gr. AM

    1. Hi AM Good to see you again. I always enjoyed reading your posts. I like your new project too. What did you do with "La vie en rose"? That building was very promising.
      I will take a break after this commision. I am going on holiday to France for a month.
      Have a great day

  5. Bonjour , vous avancez vite . Je suis impressionnée . C'est une très bonne idée pour exposer des pièces que l'on collectionne . Tous ces petits objets sont bien mis en valeur . Pour ma part j'aurais osé une teinte encore plus sombre pour les murs . Avez vous eu l'occasion de visiter le musée d'Orsay . Ils ont optés pour une teinte gris mauve très foncé pour refaire leurs salles des impressionnistes....c'est une merveille . Cette teinte sombre fait ressortir leurs chefs d'œuvre .on a souvent peur des murs très sombres . Je pense que cela fait oublier l'architecture . Et concentre notre regard sur ce qu'il y a à voir et admirer . J'aime beaucoup l'idée des portes très modernes . Bonne continuation pour la suite , ce sont toujours les finitions qui sont très longues .

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Bonjour Catherine et merci de votre long message. Je n'ai pas ose une teinte plus foncee mais j'aurai peut etre du le faire. Il y a tellement de nuances dans les gris. Mais ma cliente voulait une teinte clair mais qui fasse ressortir son argenterie. Je lui ai propose de faire une boutique contemporaine avec un decors classique. Si j'ahabitais a Paris, ca serait simple pour trouver des idees, il suffit d'aller se promener... Mais ici, a Bangkok, rien ne m'inspirait. J'ai donc travaile au feeling et aujourd'hui, ca a bien avance et je suis content.
      Venez me voir au SIMP si vous avez le temps mais je me doute que nous serons tous bien occupes.
      J'ai adore vos portraits. Tous, et pas un en particulier.
      A bientot

  7. Jean Marc est Jean-claude... j'ai l'habitude ;-) c'est superbe, j'adore les étagères lumineuses qui mettent si bien les objets en valeur, ce gris si apaisant et si chic, le carrelage noir et blanc,...