Monday, January 27, 2014

The Moat's bedroom

Hello and thanks for all your comments about my last post. I really enjoy hearing from you all.

Today I want to share with you a new project , the Moat's bedroom. I have never seen the room itself but I know the Chateau de Villandry and its magnificent gardens. It's near my hometown, Tours.

So, let's start with some sketches, that was yesterday evening.

I have a picture of the room on my computer's screen in front of me but no measures. I have to estimate...

The second step today was to draw the blue print on the white plastic board, it's 3 mm thick, so I can cut it with a cutter ( not easy but possible)

Now I start cutting the double doors, there are 3 in the room.

Now  let's have a look at the room, back wall and left wall. There is a window on the left.

I can't do the mouldings for the doors, so I just use the Dremel to smooth the edge of the inside panel of the doors. ( Sorry I don't know how to explain in English) These doors are temporary. I really want to do something better)

Now, I have divided in 2 mouldings I found at the Thai DIY called TOA here. They are the smallest I can find here and there are shops selling miniature mouldings in Bangkok.
I sometimes order supplies from Internet but shipping from the US really cost too much. So I will use my mouldings for the panels, even if they are a bit too thick. 

I use my (homemade) table saw and I am happy to say that tonight I still have my 10 fingers!)

Then each moulding is cut and fit in the wall panels

glued in place with UHU glue (because of the plastic, the other glues I use don't work)

And I do it again, and again, and again

Then I glue hinges on the door and install it.

The next step,  I spray grey primer on the wall because otherwise the acrylic won't adhere on the plastic I use, and then the wood mouldings..disturb me to get an idea of the project.

It looks OK... Let's try with a chair...

It works...

Well, that was one day's work in Thailand ( I mean a day off, I didn't have class today because of midterm exams)

Now, the next step will be to fill the gap between the mouldings and the sides. I'll inject latex glue with a syringe. It works really well for me and I am not good at using filler...
Then I will paint the panels, two colours as in the real room

Then I will do the alcove and the two side walls but not tomorrow, because tomorrow... I am working, LOL

Have a great evening. 
Feel free to leave a comment, whether it's negative or positive of course!


  1. Hello Patrick,
    This is off to an absolutely beautiful start! You did a very good and very precise job cutting out the elements. I am really looking forward to your next post because this room is a style I really love.
    Big hug,

  2. Thank you Giac. I always enjoy reading from you. I know you are very talented for that kind of project and that kind of style. I hope you'll like it when it's finished.
    Do you have an idea about miniature mouldings that would fit into panels?
    Have a great evening

  3. Hi Patrick! You make it look so easy to build the walls. You intrigued me with your handmade saw. I am looking forward to see more of the progress. Mini hugs, Natalia

  4. C'est quoi cette matière plastique ? de la carte plastique ou du carton plume ? on ne voit pas bien.
    Je trouve personnellement que cela rend bien , l'intérieur des portes pas très droit mais l'ensemble rend bien .Pour les moulures en arrondi de l'alcôve tu peux faire plusieurs épaisseurs de carton très fin ou bristol.
    Beau début

    1. Ce sont des plaques de plastique, assez raides, qu'on trouve ici dans les boutiques qui vendent du papier a dessin et de la peinture. C'est le genre de support pour les petits panneaux publicitaires qu'on trouve un peu partout.
      tous les details sont ici:
      Les portes sont des prototypes. Marc Mead des USA a propose de m'aider avec des decoupes lasers pour faire les moulures arrondies.

  5. Hi Patrick
    this looks like it's going to be another great build, I can't wait to see more :)


  6. Whaouuu ... 1 seule journée de travail !! Je mets 1 an pour faire une pièce même 2 ans . J'ai l'impression que cette pièce sera finie avant que je cesse de réfléchir à comment terminer la mienne .:)) les proportions sont belles . Le travail des moulures est très bien même si vous les trouvez un peu grosses. Si elles restent dans la même tonalité que le mur , on ne fera pas trop attention a elles . Il faut obliger le spectateur a regarder autre chose . Les moulures seront parfaites dans la totalité du décor . C'est un très beau projet .

  7. Hi Patric! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog :). I'm a big fan of your work. I really can't wait to see this project progress. Your precission is impressive. And knowing your eye for detail and colours I'm sure it's going to be an exquisite interior.

  8. Patrick, I don't know the Chateau de Villandry (most of my family's roots are in Haute-Normandie), but I can tell this is going to be a stunning room. You have a real talent for miniatures!

  9. Patrick, off to a beautiful start! Looking forward to see it develop.
    Maureen H. in St. Albert AB Cda

  10. Hi Patrick! Once again a really beautiful piece of work that is on its way to "Stardom" too! :D


  11. Each time I find a new miniature artists I feel happy and sad at the same time. Your work is so precise and well studied that I feel completely inadequate. But it gives me inspiration! Lovely!!!!!

  12. Bonjour Patrick,
    je réponds enfin à votre message laissé sur mon blog.
    Je suis très curieux de voir la suite de votre chambre, le reste de vos réalisations est vraiment très beau.
    A bientôt donc...

  13. Bonjour - are you Thai, or French? Your post was slightly confusing, to me, because you mention Tours, but then also Thailand. Anyway, your work is wonderful - you may be famous in the miniatures world, before long!

    1. Hi Heather,
      I am French, from Tours in the Loire valley but 7 years ago, I moved to Thailand to live and work.
      Thanks for your compliments about my work.
      Have a nice day.