Saturday, March 8, 2014

Night's projects

Hello everyone,
I have tried to take better pictures of the room including the chandelier (for Elizabeth :))
My camera ( my phone) is not good enough to take close-shots but I tried to take pictures from 3 different angles.

For the chandelier I used Zvaroski crystals but it was a bit difficult to hold the 6 branches together. I'll have to find out a way to weld the branches together.

At night, the room has got a very special atmosphere and I must say I just enjoyed sitting in front of it and looking at it. It's not perfect at all, but I can see my technique is improving and I have found out tricks that help to work accurately. I definitely want to get an air brush, a small one. I'll have to find the right shop in Bangkok.

The golden frame is just the right size. I first wanted something bigger like one of these heavy sculpted golden frame you can fing here but, if you look carefully, everything in the room is simple, lines are straight ot slightly curved. That simple golden moulding looks enough...

I have another project in mind. The chateau de Villandry also has a very tasteful (for me, I mean) dining room, the style is Louis XV provencal (from Provence) I think. I read it somewhere. The colour of the walls is amazing and when you get into that room, there's a very good feeling. I think I may try and recreate it. it will be a big challenge as there are a lot of things that I have never done like sculptures and ornaments.....
This is the original room

On the left side is a fountain, for the summer I guess and on the opposite wall is a kind of ceramic stove, shaped like a pillar.
Isn't it an inviting room. What is that colour? Artists, can you help me?
How to make it? Is that orange?
 This is just a project, but as you probably know, when I see something I really like, I can't help trying to recreate it in my way like a painter does on canvas.

The furniture is simple but grand and I am sure I'll find some beautiful silk here to upholster the chairs. The only problem will be the cost for 6 + 2 Bespaq chairs! Any suggestions? Can be they be home made?

Bye for now. It's late now. My thoughts can't help going to the families of people who were on that flight today which has disappeared between Malaysia and China.


  1. A beautiful room.....who would not be happy to sit and look at such a room. You must be very 'satisfied' with your is lovely!!!

  2. Très belles photos. Votre nouveau projet semble grandiose !

  3. Yes! These are great photos of your beautiful night scene. ;)

  4. Cette pièce méritait vraiment de meilleures photo . J'aime particulièrement le coin de la cheminée . C'est agréable d'avoir pu concentrer à cette endroit un espace accueillant . On a envie de s'y installer . La lumière apportée par la fenêtre dans le renfoncement donne beaucoup de douceur . J'aime particulièrement les vases que vous avez posés sur la cheminée . L'ensemble est très élégant et le bouquet est magnifique . Ce petit espace est mus en valeur par la grandeur de la pièce .

    Le cacatoès ....génial ! J'ai une fascination pour les perroquets dans la vie . Il apporte l'exotisme qu il faut à cette pièce . Quand est ce que l'on aura des gros plans de tout cela ??? Cette pièce est une réussite .

  5. Hi Patrick! Your room is amazing, all the little details look perfect (even if you don't think they are!) You're right about the room having a special atmosphere at night, the lighting gives it whole different look. Gorgeous!
    Good luck with your next project, I'm sure it will look at least as good as the real thing!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  6. La lumière donne à la pièce une atmosphère somptueuse mais aussi beaucoup de douceur, c'est un enchantement. J'aimerai aussi voir des gros plans des différents éléments.

  7. Merci pour vos petits messages. Je vous promet de meilleures photos en gros plan des que j'aurai recu le tissu de France et des que j'aurai fait les rideaux. Je me servirai d'un appareil photo cette fois et plus de mon telephone.
    Je suis en train de faire les premiers croquis pour la salle a manger....

    Mon blog est en anglais, est-ce un probleme pour vous et aimeriez vous avoir aussi une traduction en Francais?

    -Thanks for your little messages. I promise you better close-up pictures as soon as I receive the fabric from France and I have done the curtains. I will use a camera this time and not my phone.
    I'm doing the first sketch for the dining room ....

    1. Merci Patrick pour votre proposition de traduire votre blog mais personnellement mon navigateur a un traducteur. Ne vous donnez donc pas cette peine.
      Oui, il faut un appareil photo, votre travail le mérite et je suis impatient de voir cette salle à manger.

  8. D'accord re: Malaysia.

    A thought - pretty much anything that can be MADE, can be Home-made. It is simply a matter of acquiring the tools and techniques needed. There are many many good resource books on woodworking in miniature. In addition, there are any number of suppliers of pieces and parts that will help in your construction (cabriole legs, for instance - which otherwise are best made with expensive tools, if not very carefully hand carved). If you are not already, consider joining one of the many miniatures online groups. They would love to see your work, and I am sure you would find many skilled people who can give better advice on woodwork than I can.

  9. Hello Patrick! These photos speak volumes! I love your chandelier, and I am glad that it is not electrified. This space is so much like one of the Thorne Rooms in its Elegance and Simplicity and the chandeliers in the Thorne Rooms were not lit either.
    This is such an impressive room and like you, I would be sitting in front of it staring at its beauty too! Beautiful work!!! :D


  10. Your room is perfect. I agree with your choice of the frame. The color is just right also. I just love that inset for the bed. Simply ornate through lines and movement. Now as for the future project...sooo, pretty. I would call that color maybe salmon? Whatever color it is, it totally smashing! I can't wait for your version!

  11. Hello Patrick! The room is coming along beautifully. I have admired your work as posted on SmallStuff! I may be able to help you with fabric- I have some samples coming of exactly what you described as needing with the birds and rococo design, if you have not yet received yours.

    Kathy Schimack
    Sydneystyle on Etsy

  12. Hi Patrick,
    I am having trouble becoming a follower. Do you know why this might be? It says cannot find that web address or something to that effect.
    I would love to highlight you and your blog on my blog! Please contact me and let me know if it is ok.:-)

  13. I really don't know why you can't.... I'll try to find a solution to that problem tomorrow.
    Thanks anyway.

  14. Hello Patrick,
    I am finally catching up with blogs, and your entries just blow me away. The bedroom is exquisitely done. The design is extremely elegant yet not too full or too much detail. It is a real work of art and is just beautiful. Bravo my friend! It is stunning.
    Big hug,